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Gary Pavela
We serve our readers and subscribers in three ways:

[1] The Pavela Report is a widely cited resource on law and policy issues in higher education. In addition to reviewing and explaining new cases, state and federal reports, and "best practices" nationwide, we offer creative commentary readers will not find elsewhere. The Pavela Report is clear, concise, and thorough. We know our readers are busy, but we also know they want substance. Expect to see legal issues explored in ways that appeal to people who think.

[2] Our "premium content" section is a leading national library on legal issues in higher education. Here you will find regularly updated model codes of student conduct and academic integrity; case studies on topics ranging from sexual assault to classroom disruption; outlines and commentary specifically designed for staff training; a comprehensive overview of state and federal reports on threat assessment; and a rapidly growing index and compendium of past Pavela Report issues--with direct links to each article.  Premium content will be supplemented by free resources at our site, including our series of essays published over the years in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

[3] We also develop and maintain a small number of distinctive books and monographs. Our book on college student suicide, for example, was featured in a Chronicle of Higher Education interview and has quickly become a standard reference on the topic. We also feature the widely appreciated work of psychologist Gerald Amada on student mental health issues and classroom management.  Expect to see more titles of this nature and quality in the years to come.

We welcome comments and inquiries. Please write to me at:

Featured Book: Questions and Answers on College Student Suicide: A Law and Policy Perspective (2006)

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See the Chronicle of Higher Education author interview

From the Pavela Report Inaugural Issue:

Please consider the following profile of a troubled young adult, based on an actual case history:

  • Talked about suicide for weeks at a time. 
  • Reportedly wrote poetry about thrusting a dagger in his heart and "draw[ing] blood in showers!" 
  • Was known to "go crazy," requiring the removal of knives and dangerous items from his room. 
  • Purchased opiates and cocaine. 
  • Wandered around with a gun during periods of suicidal ideation. 
  • Collapsed while speaking openly of his hopelessness and thoughts of suicide. 
  • Was eventually diagnosed with "recurrent major depression."
Who was this risk to himself and to society?

See the answer here

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